Modern human beings can be described as living their lives lost in thought. Worrying about the future, ruminating about the past, or comparing and evaluating in the present. This means that we are removed from our immediate experience. Mindful awareness is being present in the here and now in an open, non-judgmental way. This does not mean that we lose our capacity to be discerning. In fact, it enhances our capacity for clear seeing.

Mindfulness is an ancient practice, known by artists, scientists and poets over the ages. There is currently a growing evidence base for the many and varying benefits of mindfulness practice for our physical, mental and social well-being.  

See http://franticworld.com/what-can-mindfulness-do-for-you  for a list of recent research.

I integrate mindfulness practice and CBT therapy whenever this is deemed to be beneficial to clients.

Mindfulness Courses

I offer the following mindfulness courses to individuals, groups and organisations/businesses. Courses can also be tailored to your specific requirements. Please contact me if you would like further information.

Six Week Introductory Training in Mindfulness

This course is designed for beginners to mindfulness or those who would like a refresher in its basic principles and techniques. You will be taught to develop a focused and embodied attention, self awareness, emotional intelligence, and a greater sense of ease and well-being. You will learn a variety of mindfulness meditations and practical ways to integrate mindfulness into daily activities at work, home and in relationships.

The course includes the following:

  • Training in meditation, developing awareness of breath, body, feelings and thoughts.
  • Managing stress and learning how to shift from reaction to response.
  • Recognizing and letting go of unhelpful habitual thoughts and mind states.
  • Exploring, understanding and working with a range of emotional experience.

Feedback from course participants

I feel more equipped with dealing with life situations and increased wellbeing and sense of calm. I loved coming here. I feel it will reflect in my work life.

I enjoyed the different themes for each week and that we were given specific tasks. I have felt the benefits of having “tools” at my fingertips to help me when feeling stressed and worried.

Very useful tips on how to calm the mind, and also help with sleep.

I enjoyed the way mindfulness was presented as easily accessible and flexible to fit in with everyday life.

I have gained more emotional balance, focus and relaxation during the day which helps me to take better and effective decisions.

Great presenter, great content and practices.

Six Week Mindful Eating Course

Trying to make lasting changes to your diet can often be associated with feelings of guilt, shame, hopelessness or anxiety. Many people struggle with comfort eating or regular cravings which are hard to control. In an attempt to be healthier, we can also get caught in cycles of strict dieting, followed by getting fed-up and then returning to unhealthy eating habits or over-eating.     

This course combines mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy to help you recognise, understand and manage your thoughts/beliefs, emotions and physical sensations in relation to food and your body. Mindful eating teaches you a sustainable and deeply satisfying way of relating to food, that is based on your own intuitive wisdom, rather than what the latest article or food guru has to say.   

Feedback from course participants:

I really enjoyed the course and it has influenced the way I eat.

I wish the course existed ages ago!

Many thanks for such an uplifting course.